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1. Do I need to have a visa in order to enter Ukraine?  If you are citizen of EU country, US, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Hungary, Poland, Mongolia, Lithuania or the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (except Turkmenistan) and your stay in Ukraine is 90 days or shorter, then you do not need it.

2. Can your company provide all necessary documents for Ukrainian tourist visa obtaining process?    Yes, we can. We are able to provide tourist visa support letters for our customers.  We are working with tourist company in Ukraine which is issuing tourist visa support packages for our customers with our apartments as accommodation place. Cost of this package is 200 UAH (40 US$) which is charge of tourist company. We take no "commissions" on this letters and provide it to our customers only (apartment booking is required). Following information is necessary in order to issue that letter:
-  Your full name, citizenship, date and place of birth, postal address, home phone number;
-  Your passport data (number, date of issuing, issuing authority);
-  Address of Ukrainian consulate you are applying for visa to;
-  Dates of your stay in Ukraine












1. Who are the owners of your apartments? Our company acts as owner of apartments. We have  entire disposal legal rights.
2. What is your booking cancellation policy? We operate limited amount of apartments and make our schedule in advance (usually in 3-4 weeks). Every booking cancellations made in short notice (less than 14 days before start of booking) is very painful for us because it  usually means that, most likely, we will  be unable to fill apartment during that dates:  
-  We refund in full booking cancellations  made in period more than 14 days till the booking time begins (15$ of the administrative fee applies);
-  In case of booking cancellation which takes place in period from 14 till 7 days till the booked date we refund 50% of booking charge (15$ of the administrative fee applies); 
-  If booking cancellation takes place in less than 7 days till arrival period we are not able to refund booking charge.  In case of booking of two an more apartments conditions of refund are negotiable.  Cost of booking charge associated with providing of visa support documents can not be refunded. 

3. Will I have receipt or other proof of payment after booking process is completed? Yes, you will. After credit card booking deposit transaction is completed, you will have receipt sent to your e-mail box.
4. For how long does your company hold booked apartments? In case of no-show of our customers and not informing us about that by phone, e-mail or fax  we are holding the booked apartment till 24.00 of the same day. In case of not receiving of information till that time, we cancel the booking .
5. Will you deal with my Ukraine representative?  Unless we are authorized by our customer, our personnel do not make any negotiations or business relationships with local representatives. To avoid hidden charges we prefer to deal directly with payer whether he is local or foreigner.
6. Is it possible to "pass" the booking to other person? No, it is not possible.
7. For how long in advance can I book specific apartment with you? You can book specific apartment with us up to 3 month's in advance (in case of more than 5-7 nights stay).
8. Can your company switch booked location to other one without my permission? No we can not. In case if booked location suddenly becomes unavailable (for example, apartment needs urgent renovation) we are informing our customer about that and offer other location. If it is not OK with him, we refund total amount of booking charge.
9. Can I switch locations after booking is completed? Yes, you can if there are vacant apartments in the other location.
10. Can I change dates of already made booking? Yes, you can if there is more than 10 days till booking  begins and we have available apartments for the new dates.
11. Is it possible to make booking without prepayment? Only short-notice bookings (less than 2 days  in advance) can be done without prepayment (we need some other proofs of your arrival in that case). Usually it is necessary to make 1-5 nights sum prepayment in advance (exact amount depends on the length of your stay).
12. Can apartment be rented on conditions of anonymity? No it can not. We need to know name, citizenship and passport data of principal tenant (one principal tenant per apartment rented).
13.What are your check-in and check-out times? Our check-in time is 13.00, check-out time is 12.00. If we have possibility we always permit free early check-ins and late check-outs. We know about possibility of this in 24 hours till arrival or departure date. If customer would like to secure early check-in or late check-out in advance it is necessary to pay for one additional night of stay.
14. Why your prices are so low comparing to other "luxury apartments" provided by other companies? The reason that our price does not include commissions being taken by agencies and reflects real situation with such class apartments owners price in Kiev.
15. What is your booking deposit payment procedure. You will have possibility to make booking deposit in five ways:
       - by the credit card (Visa, MC or AmEx) via our own secured server (SSL 3.0) online (payment in UAH through Ukrainian bank);
       - by the credit card (Visa,  MC or AmEx) by fax or encrypted e-mail order  
(payment in UAH through Ukrainian bank);

       - by the credit card using PayPal (Visa, MC, Amex, Discovery) - charge is in US$.

       - by wire transfer to our banking account (after signing of formal contract) - for over 400 US$ orders

     - by cash in our Kiev office.
 All credit card transactions incur 3.5% processing fee.
The exact amount of deposit depends on the length of your stay and is calculated as in the following table.

Apartment type Length of stay
2-6 nights 7-14 nights 15 or more nights
Studio 60.00 US$ 100.00 US$ 150.00 US$
One-bedroom 80.00 US$ 140.00 US$ 200.00 US$
Two bedrooms 100.00 US$ 180.00 US$ 260.00 US$

16. What's included in apartment price? Apartment price includes
once-a-week apartment cleaning and changing of bed linen, paying for electricity, hot and cold water, local phone calls . Additional services (cooking, shopping, everyday cleaning) are possible for additional charge.
17. What is your returning customer policy? Our returning customers (those who have stayed in our apartments before during the last 365 days) have 10% discount for all services provided.

18. Are your prices for entire units? Yes, they are. Although every apartment has it's maximum capacity. Maximum capacity of studio apartment is 1-2 persons (if couple), one-bedroom apartment is 2-3 persons.

19. What is the minimum length of stay requirement for advanced booking?  5-7 nights stay is required to book a specific apartment.


1. Is it safe to leave money, documents and other precious things in your apartments? All our apartments located in the very secure areas. House doors have security devices. Apartment have armored doors. We have 3 sets of keys for each apartment: one pair holds our tenant, second one - our maids, third one - our representative in Kiev. Nobody else have access to them. We are changing locks mechanisms every 3 months. So, it is safe (although it is not advisable by common sense to have much cash with you - credit card was not invented in Ukraine :) ).
2. What appliances will I find in my apartment? Every apartment has satellite or cable TV with foreign channels, washing machine, refrigerator, fully equipped kitchen, iron, iron board, vacuum cleaner. Some apartments equipped with air conditioners, stereo centers, VCR, UHF-ovens and coffee-makers. Each apartment has floor-standing fan. You will have clean bed linen, towels, toilet paper, soap, junk envelopes.
3. What does "independent hot water supply" mean? On every apartment we have 50-100 liters hot water boilers which can be turned on in case if city turns off hot water supply.
4. What happens if something becomes broken in apartment without my fault? We repair  broken utility immediately. If it is impossible to fix it without disturbing of customer - we offer him discount or other apartment of the same class. If offered apartment does not suite him, we refund amount for remaining time of stay.
5. Can I invite friends to my apartment? Yes, you can.
6. Can my friend live in apartment with me? Yes he/she can. Although remember that each apartment has maximum allowed capacity.
7. What happens if I am not satisfied with your apartment or service? You should motivate your complains. If they are motivated you will be offered other apartment, discount or refund.
8. Can I have written contract and payment receipt? Yes, of course.
9. What I am responsible for during my stay? You are responsible for the any damage inflicted to the property, furniture, appliances through your fault. You should respect rights of other tenants living in other apartments and do not make excess noise during 23.00-8.00 period.
10. Can I have Internet access in my apartment? Yes, you can. All our apartments have broadband internet connections.  You can enjoy unlimited web surfing, e-mail and online messengers (including Skype for making cheap international phone calls) for only 1.00 US$ per day (i.e. for example, if your stay is 7 nights and you would like to use the internet you will be charged 7.00 US$ for this service).

If you have additional questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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